Thursday, March 5, 2020

What I Learned from the Fire essays

What I Learned from the Fire essays Experiencing a house fire changes what you value in life and it shows you what is truly important. ?As the bell rang Friday, August 31st, (Labor Day weekend) I thought it was going to be the best weekend of my entire life. My grandparents from Florida came for a visit and I had so many plans with my friends. It got ever better when I realized I had no homework. That night my family and I went out to eat at Parason's which is really rare for us because we never go out to eat. I remember being so anxious at dinner because Laura and I were going to have a sleepover. Once dinner was over my parents finally dropped me off at Laura's. I remember telling Laura how much I hated my parents and that they ruin everything. I also remember complaining about things like I didn't have enough clothes. I only looked at the things I didn't have instead of being grateful for what I did have. ?The next day my dad came to pick me up early in the morning and we went shopping all day. Saturday night my mom went over to my grandparents hotel to spend some time with them, while my dad and I stayed home and watched a movie. My mom came home long after my dad and I had fallen asleep. She always parks her car in the garage and of course shuts the garage door after she parked. My dog and two cats are outside pets and they stay in the garage at night. At 4:15 on Sunday morning, I awoke to my mom barging in my room and pulling up my blinds to see what was going on outside. She woke up because she thought she heard gun shots going off at our house, but what we saw was huge orange flames. We both panicked. You think my house will never burn down or if it did, you would grab some of your most treasured items. But let me tell you, when it is happening to you all you are thinking about is getting out of there. I didn't even have enough time to grab my glasses. My mom seemed to be really calm and I could never understand why. My dad thought she wa...

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