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Olympic and paralympic games in london

Olympic and paralympic games in london 1. Introduction On 6th July in Year 2005, London has been selected as the host cit of 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games . The Olympic Games will be held on 27 July 2012, with the Paralympics following from 29 August 2012, (, House of Commons Public Accounts Thirty-Ninth Report) therefore, the organizations which have the provision of a fixed duration of the Olympic Games related. Progress has been made in a number of areas London was chosen to host the Games, in the key projects, re-routing underground Olympic Park, including the power line. (The Report of 2012 London Olympics, 2009) Olympic Delivery Authority has also begun the procurement activities, including the appointment of Delivery Partners, to support the management of Olympic Delivery in venues and infrastructure. (Annual Report and Accounts 2006-2007, Olympic Delivery Authority) 1.1Experiences of Olympic regeneration l The failure of Helliniko Olympic Complex after 2004 There were 22 permanent new venues built for the 2004 game. The rest of the competition venues have been renovated to cater for larger audiences. Only one out of the 33 competing venues was temporary and intended for removal afterward. Helliniko Olympic complex (one of the two Olympic complexes): Six Sporting venues: Kayak, Hockey, Baseball, Softball and two indoor arenas. The complex has been left derelict since 2004. l Successes in Atlanta Before the Olympic, the Centennial Olympic Parks neighbourhood was a run-down as is East London. After the Olympics, the 21-acre park performs a dual mission as: Georgias lasting legacy of the Centennial Olympic Game be located in Stratford, East London, Lower Lea Valley, and houses the main venue of the following: The Olympic Stadium The Aquatics Centre The Hockey Centre The Velopark (Containing Velodrome and BMX Circuit) Four Multi-Sports Areas (in one building) (Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics, 2006) (London 2012 Constructing the Olympic reality, Andrew Bolton) 2. Construction Projects For the construction industry, the London Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee said it would involve a 80,000 seat Olympic stadium, an Aquatics Centre, 4 Multi-Sports Arenas, a Velopark, Hockey Center, as well as numerous training, catering broadcasting development and security facilities. ( regard to the Olympic Village, the Committee also mentioned that it would consist of approximately 4,000 residential accommodation units, which will be the construction of housing 17000 athletes and officials, the formation of more than 200 nations.(Consrtcution Projects of the 2012 London Olympics,2006) The most important is that these long-term achievements are very wide-ranging and, directly or indirectly related to property, redevelopment and construction activities, sustainability, regeneration and infrastructure.(,2006) 2.1 Master plan in Construction From the report of Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics†, explained, the Olympic Park master plan by the London Development Agency (LAD) and BuroHappold from leading industry consultants including engineers, project managers and architects Huokemeisi Team support to sports, Alies and Morrison, Foreign Office Architects, consulting Faithful and Gould and Mott MacDonald.(Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics,2006) The overall plan for research, it is easy to find, the Olympic Games will be held at venues across the country with the main focus on the Olympic Park. The park will be located in Stratford, East London, Lower Lea Valley, and houses the main venue of the following: The Olympic Stadium The Aquatics Centre The Hockey Centre The Velopark (Containing Velodrome and BMX Circuit) Four Multi-Sports Areas (in one building) (Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics,2006) (London 2012 Constructing the Olympic reality, Andrew Bolton) 2.2 The Strategy for Sustainable Construction The sustainable construction strategy ( is a joint industry and Government initiative designed to promote leadership and behavior change, as well as provide the benefit in the construction industry and the overall economy. Its purpose is to achieve sustainable development and construction of a common vision: to provide a clarity business-to-the Governments position, so that a variety of regulations and measures for sustainability; Setting and commitment to higher standards in order to help achieve the specific areas of sustainability; Production industry and the Governments specific commitments to take sustainable construction agenda forward. (The big build: structures Milestones to 27 July 2010, Olympic Delivery Authority, 2009) 3. Transportation By the Sixth Special Report of Session 2006-2007, which belongs to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Transport concluded that in all of the plans to provide the delivery system acrossed all the model is fully established, they are expected to reach the propose which bellowed: (Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games: The Draft Transport plan: Olympic Delivery Authority Response to the Committees Third Report of Session 2006-2007, the House of Commons, 2007) In order to make the best use of existing transport infrastructure, form improve service levels to achieve the best possible value for the money, and only the establishment of new infrastructure where it is vital and leaves a legacy. The use of cost-effective temporary solution, if necessary, to meet the temporary peaks which demand for the travel of the Olympic Games in the absence of inheritance. If the new infrastructure or services needed for the ODAs strategy is to utilize existing expertise and processes to deliver them. The ODA has been delivered with partners in the UK under a series of agreements and Britains well establishment of transportation industries, offering on behalf of railway projects. Partners include Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail and Docklands Light Railway (DLR), each of the implementation of projects of all transportation experience. This experience has been further strengthened directly related to work into the management of recruiting a lot of experience in ODA transport team. ï ¼Ë†London 2012 Accessible Transport Strategy for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, May 2008ï ¼â€° 3.1 The strategy for Transport And about the strategy of accessible can use: The 2012 Olympic Games will be a catalyst to improve the whole of London and the UKs transport network accessibility. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) target for 100% of the spectators access by public transport, cycling or on foot to the Olympic Games. And also make sure the ticket to the Games, including free travel by public transport in London for the activities of the day to encourage the spectators to use the transport system. There will be a 35 km pedestrian and cycle paths, an area of increasing. (These slides refer form London 2012 Accessible Transport Strategy for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games May 2008) 3.11 Docklands Light Railway (DLR) Docklands Light Railway Limited (DLRL) ( the organization; with the railway own assets. In the Department of Transportation as part of its role is to oversee operation of the railway and program development to meet the needs of the east. Form the report of the 2012 Olympics; it mentioned that ODA co-funding early procurement form 22 additional rail cars to 55 of the beginning of the formation of three-cars to run in 2012 (rather than two-cars operators).The new requirements, under-river channel expansion of Woolwich Arsenals official development assistance has made a contribution to the signal and power engineering. The first tunneling drivers southwards to Arsenal station completed in December last year. And also a wide range of infrastructure projects across the DLR; which affect a network of 17 to three-car trains in 2012 (in a 50 per cent of the capacity between Lewisham and the Bank to increase). To guaranteed the ability to Prince Regent Station and Customs House official station development assistance funds to serve the Excel event improvement works. Ensure that City Airport expansion on time and below the budget. Then the new platform of DLR and access in Stratford Regional Station to the service needs of lon g-term growth. ODA is co-financing of the North London Line into the operation of the DLR operation, South and East of Stratford Regional Station, which is in progress. (ï ¼Å'2009) 3.12 London Underground All Line train lengthening the individual increase of 17 per cent capacity (has been already completed, in January 2006), moving block signals will be installed in order to reduce 25 percent in December 2009 journey time, further enhance capacity. In addition, there are several large background schemes between 2009 and 2012; including all District line trains refurbished fulfill the plan. ï ¼Ë†Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: The Draft Transport plan: Olympic Delivery Authority Response to the Committees Third report of Session 2006-07, the House of Commons, 2007ï ¼â€° 3.13 National Rail Projects In particular, the ODA is essential to stable away from the Stratford Train parking facilities to the west of the Lea Valley railway lines. West Ham station enhances passenger service for mainline commuter station signals increase the capacity of trains per hour stopping. In a wide range of capabilities, more and more on the design and preparation of Stratford Regional Station to start the project site. In addition, there are eight local, regional or national railway projects schemes to improve railway transportation capacity, reliability and travel for all users (, the ambience, as well as the Olympic Games provide specific benefits, these include: (1) Enhanced to a higher frequency among the metro style between Richmond and Stratford-service of the North London Line. ( (2) By the summer of 2010 to extend the delivery and reconstruction of East London Line Highbury and Islington, connect with Stratford (, in the North and Crystal Palace in the south of London. (   (3)Between the completion of St Pancras, Stratford International, Ebbsfleet and Paris/Brusseis, it has the high-speed connection. (Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games: The Draft Transport plan: Olympic Delivery Authority Response to the Committees Third Report of Session 2007-2007, the House of Commons, 2007) ( 4. Community It is clear that regeneration goal: into a new prosperous and sustainable society of the Olympic Park in east London, and as an investment and development opportunities, the success of the catalyst. During the Olympics, in 246 hectares of Olympic Park facilities include permanent and temporary facilities, including the Olympic stadium, the aquatics center and velodrome. There will also be the Olympic Village, media center and new parks, all over the Lea Valley waterways. ï ¼Ë†, 2009ï ¼â€° After the Olympics, the parks sports legacy will be in fulfilling our plans and to participate in communitys traditional elite sports core of the obligations. The focus of activities and its affiliated schools sports facilities will be retained for sports clubs and local communities, as well as the adaptation of elite and amateur athletes. Another 1 million new homes will develop the Olympic Park itself. These 40% will be used for families; a large proportion of affordable housing.They will participate in all of the elements of a good community: schools, libraries, shops, cafes, restaurants, green space and community facilities, to the development of the major cultural and tourist attractions. ï ¼Ë†The budget for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Fourteenth Report of Session 2007-08, Home of Common Community of Public Accountsï ¼â€° Has the improvement of transport services, and many parks are under way, including the Docklands Light Railway extension, an increase of the silver-line capabilities and Stratford Regional Station upgrade.Around the park, people enjoy through the canal Towpath, footpaths and cycle networks, greater access to parks and open spaces. 5. Case study These cases play the significant role for the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which are Lewisham, Stratford, and Canary Warf. 5.1 Lewisham Lewisham as one of the closest geographical neighbors to the host boroughs, Lewisham represents a gateway to the games and the capital. Lewisham town center is the citys major retail area and an important railway hub with mainline, Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and bus interchanges. Lewisham Couil is ready to care the realization of the Gateway scheme focuses on the city center plan of action. The scheme will provide 1,000 new homes, new shopping and improve the environment. (, 2009)The Gateway development is the key to eliminate the existing roundabout to make better use of land is currently surrounded by traffic. Rearrange the road at the junction of the railway line; new development opportunities are being created. This will create a well-designed transport interchange, new housing and new employment opportunities; enhance the existing town center links. ( the further investment plans of the High Street, this center with regard to the expansion and reconstruction of Valley shopping center and public areas renovated.At the appropriate time, in the Lewis Grove Island and Engate Street redevelopment may occur as soon as possible. Other areas, the planning consent of more than 200 homes each year, including Thurston Road and Venson Sites. 5.2 Stratford This massive development plan will bring nearly 5,000 homes and 30,000 jobs to Stratford, and has obtained outline-planning consent. Newham Councils Development Control and Licensing Committee approve the Stratford City development; will change rundown rail lands as a major shopping and commercial area. () The plan includes 465,000 square meters of offices, about 11,000 people, 150,500 square meters of retail space, up to the 2000 hotel bedrooms in 4,850 new homes. There is also a drop-in in health centers and primary health care center, plus community facilities including an employment bureau and youth facilities. (,2009) There will be a four-form of primary and secondary school, which could for 900 students, a four-classroom nursery and facilities for lifelong learning, plus a large number of public open spaces, games areas and water features facilities. A library, tourist information centers, nurseries, day-care facilities, public services and security offices, offices and civil society groups and religious sites, facilities, facilities are being planned. (, 2009) The application will now be referred to the Mayor of London, Deputy Prime Ministers Office and the Secretary of State for Transport. (, 2009) Also must rise to a legal agreement between all parties in order to reduce environmental and transport network development. Newham accepted as part of the agreement at any time  £150.4 million pounds welfare of the community. The project covers an area of 73 crosses the railway land, has become with the railway industry to reduce redundant. (, 2009) Consultation exercise has been going on between the local planning authorities, statutory undertakers, transport bodies, the major landowners and local communities. Stratford City scheme, including 4500 for the 11,000 inhabitants, 46.5 million square meters of commercial office space and 15 million square meters of the town center, a total of three department stores and 120 shops and cafes. (, 2009) The development surrounds the Startford Channel Tunnel Rail Link international station, which will open in 2007. The proposed of Stratford City will begin construction in 2006, completed in 2009 following the development of the city center and 2020, the stage of completion. This will create a new business area as a gateway to Europe, only 2 hours from Paris to London. The new Stratford International Station will be placed within easy reach of the railway in Europe. (http://www.rao;, 2009) The development will create local employment opportunities for local people, includin g the 15000 construction jobs and up to 30,000 retail and office work. 5.3 Canary Wharf Canary Wharf is home to a high concentration of headquarters and is an established financial services centre rivalling the City.(Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Risk assessment and management, Thirty-ninth Report of Session 2006-2007, House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts ) Companies, including Barclays Bank, Reuters, Citigroup, HSBC and Morgan Stanley. About 65,000 people work here and the region is expected by 2010, employing 10 million people- including 3,000 employees, to 70,000 volunteers and a lot of contractors. () To the area offer most affordable rates for a number of commercial and industrial property accumulations in London. The A13 and A2 corridors either the River Thames east side of the corridor is more active regions running the new industrial and logistics development. Canary Wharf offers some of the best office space in London. (, 2009) Contrast to the Commerce: from High-Profile, award-winning range of the regions Canary Wharf development in a well-developed environmental technology, manufacturing, R D, logistics and distribution centers of industrial facilities. East London City Airport is designed for business travel. Quick check-in service, management personnel can sit less than 30 minutes after the aircraft left the desk. London International Airport is all within 60 minutes of Canary Wharf. The Jubilee line connects Stratford and Canary Wharfs major railway terminals, while the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to connect Canary Wharf and other East London City and direct. This station serves the heart of Canary Wharfs financial and media district. It architecturally stuns station, includes over 200 shops, waterside bars and restaurants. (http://www.thinkinglondon.html, 2009) 6. Conclusion As we have known, the Olympics take more effects to London, to UK. However, from another side, whether we think about the slides below: The movement of middle class families into urban areas causing property values to rise and having the secondary effect of driving out poorer families The Docklands regeneration was criticized for reinforcing the social divide between rich and poor With 30% post-games housing being affordable to low income families, there will be an imbalance of rich and poor in the society Will the area revert to poverty or gentrify? Maybe above all the slides told that everything has two sides, good and bad. At present, from this research project, it proved that most of the direction of Government doing were advantage, those will bring more effects to people, although bring some Negative aspects. They are unprecedented for a development of this nature.

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Nok Air

Furthermore, the main objective of the airline its self is to capture and gain a larger market share from a targeted market that comprises of both normal Low cost carrier travelers, whether from existing users of the airlines or from competitive airlines, and potential from alternative transportation modes such as trains, buses, and vans that are common mearns form commuting to other parts of Thailand. Sales and marketing strategies especially relating to price offers are key factors in capturing additional passengers. In addition, promotion and advertising are important factors in push strategies to motivate prospects to the airline.Nok Air’s campaigns involve mobile marketing, online marketing, billboards, print media advertising as well as Television Advertising. These multi-channels of media usage allow Nok Air to reach a large number of audiences in order to capture attention to its promotions on offer and leave an impression that salience to the mind. Creating loyalty to the Nok Air brand is based on the airline’s special service to the customers who frequently travel on the airline is a way to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers by word of mouth from existing and loyal customers.Usage rate is also another reason of purchase intention. For those individuals who are required to travel frequently on company’s business or government official business will need a reliable airline that can accommodate to their needs and offer a fare that will save them cost and time. This market survey has been also conducted by secondary data analysis, focus group interview, and questionnaire survey in order to find consumers insights regarding purchasing, consuming and attitude towards airlines. Main highlights of the survey iincluded : ? What are attitudes toward low-cost carriers and full-service carriers? What would be the important factors to increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer engagement? ? What shou ld be brand positioning of Nok Air in customers’ minds? ? What are the value-added things that customers looking for when they fly domestically? ? Is the domestic flight service price sensitive? ? Which channels do customers usually go when shopping for domestic flight? ? How would you recommend promotional mix for Nok Air? ? What should be the communication message and marketing campaign for Nok Air to create customer engagement? ? What are the promotional tools to be used for generating more sales?SITUATION ANALYSIS The changing demographics of travel have greatly dictated the target customers for Low-cost air carrier industry. After almost a decade of its initiation, Nok Air has observed some dramatic changes in the perception of Loc-cost air carriers and the fierce competition that exist in becoming the market leader in this industry. This section will detail the potential Target Market Characteristics of Nok Air with the focus on the market size, segment, share, growth, and trend. MARKET ANALYSIS Market Size: Thai domestic air travel market reached 13. million passengers in 2010 and expects an annual growth of approximately 5% over the next six years. This equivocates to approximately 17. 4 million passengers by the year 2017. In 2011, Nok Air projected that it had served about 4 million passengers or approximately 26% from the estimated 13. 8 million annual domestic air travelers for the year1. Market Segment: In order to determine the best market segment to describe individuals who fits the profile of LCC (Low-cost carrier) passengers, a build-up approach would be a suitable method of classification. This approach seeks to identify ssimilarities or common customer needs2.Key factors in defining consumer criteria for Nok Air are Profile, Psychological, and Bbehavioral. Segmentation of Nok Air passengers are individuals of both sex with the age range divisible in the range of 15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 44-54, and 55+. Occupation and level of income chara cteristics are generally individuals who are professionals, government officials, businessmen, sstudents, and employees in low-to-medium income group. These would be individuals who are motivated by benefits from travelling on Nok Air or the perceived valued attained, whether it is based on ticketing prices or overall value for money.Touch points and media used would be internet users as well as travel agents and ticketing counters and centers. Market Share The phenomenon of Low-cost carrier industry has changed the dimensions of air travel. The ticket price war was the key marketing strategy for these carriers and focusing on the basic elements or â€Å"no frills† was the cost-cutting model to capture the segment whose primary objective was to commute from one destination to another safely. This swing in trend shifted the market share from the legacy carriers, as leisure passengers looked for cheaper alternatives.Despite the growing market of domestic air travel, FSC (full-s ervice carriers) are seeking ways to compete with its new rivals, by letting the free market economic model of price discrimination by demand and supply to dictate the ticket prices, along with sales promotion strategies that remind consumers of its brand and presence. Figure: 1 [pic] An analysis of The LCC Capacity Share (%) of total seats in Thailand indicates an increase year-on-year from 2010 – 2012, despite a decline from 2007-2009. These figures are encouraging indicators for those who seek to rofit by becoming a player in this market as there has been a rapid increase as well as the steady eating into the market shares of the FSCs. Currently, the two FSCs players are Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways, while Air Asia, Nok Air and Orient Thai are the three main LCCs in domestic travel. Figure: 2 – Thailand Domestic Air Market Share as of October 2011 [pic] Market Growth and Trends There has been a rapid expansion in the LCC and the trend shows no signs of a slow do wn as airlines are placing orders for new aircraft at an alarming rate.Within the Thai domestic airlines, two new players are emerging in the market. Thai Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways has launched services since July 2011 with four 174-seat A320 with an objective to operate a fleet of 11 A320 by end of 2015 3, and Thai Tiger Airways an alliance with Thai Airways and Tiger Airways, are expected to take a share of the lucrative Bangkok – Chieng Mai – Phuket routes will be announcing their launch soon. Current players such as Air Asia have nearly 300 aircraft on order and Bangkok Airways a fleet of 18 aircrafts that are renewed every five years.The key SES among Thai domestic tourists is the growing middle-class who has time, mearns and the inclination to travel. Domestic tourism has become an increasingly important component of the overall tourism mix and is an important role socially, economically, environmentally and culturally. The Tourism Authority of Thailand ’s ppolicy of encouraging and motivating domestic tourism by providing incentives has been a key factor in the market. The TAT has also designed strategies to maintain the brand image and take advantage of emerging opportunities.Thailand has recorded an increase of 31% in tourism receipts in 2011 over 2010 with a total earning of 776 billion baht. The country recorded 19. 23 million international visitors in 2011. Figure 4 indicates the various regions of tourist arrivals to Thailand. Figure 4: International Tourist Arrival to Thailand Jan-Dec 2010 [pic] International tourist arrival does not specifically dictates the mearns of transport to other domestic destinations are commuted by LCCs, but it does provide a prospective on the target population sampling frame that Nok Air can serve.Strategies can be designed on destinations that an inbound tourist would most likely visit by understanding cultural and ethnic diversities, socio-economic status and purpose of visit to Thailan d of these tourists. Market Needs The primary purpose of an airline is to serve transportation needs. However, airlines cater to travelers’ need by fling domestic routes, short-haul services with conneactivity and transfers to other carriers via a network of hubs. Nok Air being a LCC does not provide frills and therefore only basic needs are fulfilled. However, this does not mean that quality and efficiency are neglected.Environmental Analysis The nature of the market is where a product and service offer from a supplier is subjected to evaluation and price valuation from the consumer such that fluctuations in demand and supply are adjusted to a point of equilibrium. With the LCC market, the key issue is how the airlines can keep to a low operating margin while maintaining itself over equilibrium to strive and grow. Economically, this is generally measured in the ability to keep itself in the â€Å"black† while trying to become the market leader. Technology plays an imp ortant role in transforming this concept into a reality.Welfare maximization is the trend of this decade and the emergence of LCCs has had an impact on the socio-economic spending behavior. There are many factors in the macro-environment that Nok Air has to take into consideration when making decisions. A social and cultural, demographic, economic, technological, political, legal, regulatory, and ethical issue needs to be defined to understand the effect on the brand’s performance. Political factors: Earlier in 2011, the government had set up policies in developing the tourism industry. These involved development of infrastructure, safety, and hygiene.Restoration and development of natural, cultural, and historical sites while seeking to encourage investment by the private sector and local administration. The aim is to improve standards to make Thailand a world-class destination in the area of personnel standards and quality of service. Proactive marketing strategies in targe ting various groups both domestic and inbound with focus on quality tourist are pursued in the field of medical tourism, international meetings, and exhibitions. Waiving visa fees for visitors from Thailand’s FTA partners or those with trade and investment relations is one method of promoting this industry.Other government value adding policies are the promotion of tourism activities include nation’s bid to host international events and filming location support. Some laws and regulations have been revised to improve the effectiveness in safety and tourists’ exploitation counter-measures. In summary, the objective is to premote tourism including domestic by developing tourism and tourist destinations and ensuring travelers’ safety; support ecotourism, cultural tourism, medical tourism and spas with high quality and value addition.Economic factors: Although the Commercial Bank’s MLR interest rates have been steady between 7% – 7. 85% per annum , the foreign exchange rate has undermined the progress of tourism in Thailand. As compared to the USD to THB in the past five years, there has been an average gradual appreciation of the Thai currency than others in the region. Economically, it is difficult to raise prices fin terms of foreign currency, and therefore somewhat uncompetitive in some areas of the tourism industry, for example hotel rates. Figure 5: For-ex [pic] The recent increase in minimum labor wages has resulted in higher inflation.Many smaller firms have opted to lay-off some employees that they believed possessed lower qualifications than others. However, the recent flooding was a major cause of economic slowdown and the government has implemented low financing and corporate tax holidays for SMEs that were affected by the disaster Social factors: Changing social trends can have an effect on the tourism industry. This is however predominant in the aspirations and expectations of travelers to and within Thailand. Thai society shares the perception that domestic tourism development is steadily improving, but hampered by red-tape management and bureaucratic problems.They perceive culture as a tourism product and environmental impact as a problem in which tourism industry has a social responsibility to decrease pollution. Economically, tourism is viewed positively in terms of national revenues and job creation, and modernizing society, but viewed inversely as a mearns of fostering a materialistic society5. Technological factors: Technology plays a vital role in promoting tourism worldwide. It is an efficient and effective way to reduce cost and improve quality via internet and social media network for the purpose of promotion and recruitment of potential clients.Accurate information about tour destinations, resources, and image can be â€Å"pushed† into cyberspace and provide a channel for attractive marketing mix strategies. Customer can then gain experience and information of the trip through planning and virtual tour at their convenience. Environmental factors: Environmental factors play an important part of Thailand’s tourism industry. Change in weather pattern has a sthrong impact especially during the rainy seasons. The effect of this was clearly visible during October’s flooding disaster, which had one of the highest levels of tour cancellation in the nation’s history.Global warming has made it difficult to predict or forecast a peak-season for domestic tour and operators are well conscious and concerned about environmental issues. To enforce practices, the government has placed taxes on air travel and encourages the use of NGV/LPG as â€Å"clean† fuel alternative on buses. Environmentally friendly products and processes are affecting demand patterns and creating business opportunities in the industry. Legal factors: Thailand’s Department of Civil Aviation is the government agency that has the obligations to premote, develo p, and regulate the nation’s civil aviation.The aims are to comply with international aviation standards and fulfill demands resulting in tourism promotion and national economic growth while promoting Thailand as the aviation hub of Southeast Asia. The roles and responsibilities include 1. Implementing Air Navigation Act 2. Promoting and Developing National Civil Aviation 3. Executing orderly civil aviation 4. Making airports under jurisdiction available for public 5. Coordination and cooperating with domestic and international organization. COMPETITION ANALYSISThe key competitors of Nok Air in the Domestic air travel market are Thai Airways (FSC), Bangkok Airways (FSC), Air Asia (LCC), and Orient Thai (LCC). There are other airlines that fly domestically such as Happy Air, Solar Air, and Thai Regional Air, but they are at an infancy stage of the competitive market of this industry. It is too optimistic to say that these new airlines are not of an immediate threat to Nok air, but their presence dictates the growing need for travel to more unexplored and unfamiliar destinations prove to be a selling point for some airlines and pose a potential competitive threat in the future.Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (TG) – Address: 89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. Phone: 66-2-545-1000 Fax: 66-2-512-2182 Website: www. thaiairways. com. Established in 1960 Thai Airways International Public Company Limited is Thailand’s national airline with both domestic and international routes including Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and South West Pacific. The airline provides transport as well as freight and mail services on all its destined flights. The company is a state owned enterprise which is controlled by the government and partly owned by the public7.Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows: 1. Thai Air Asia 2. Nok Air 3. Bangkok Airways 4. Orient Thai Airways Competitive Advantages: Thai Airways ranked as the low cost leadership with a huge customer base uses resources to innovate design operation which enable it to control its cost. Online growth has allowed Thai Airways to cater to a separate class of clients. Its intensive fleet of aircraft gives it an option to find the best value-to-cost in operating aircraft with relations to airport configurations. A sthrong management team keeps the operations running smoothly.A well trained and managed Cabin Staff that caters to meet customer satisfaction is a key advantage of the airline. Being the national carrier, Thai Airways enjoys the largest market share and therefore a sthrong loyal customer base8. Bangkok Airways Company Limited (PG) – Address: 99 Mu 14, Vibhavadirangsit Rd. , Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. Phone 66-2- 2655678 Fax: 66-2-265-5522. Website: www. bangkokair. com . Established in 1968 Bangkok Airways was Thailand’s first private aviation company operated under the na me â€Å"Sahakol Air†.Initially, the airline provided charter services using a two engine 9-seater plane catering only to multinational corporations in Thailand. With the rapid growth of tourism and business investment, air transportation became an important mearns of transport. Bangkok Airways realized the potential and in 1986 began its operations as the country’s first privately-owned domestic airlines to limited destinations such as Krabi, Korat, and Surin. Presently, it flies to 20 major routes covering nearly all major resort destinations in Thailand along with 8 international destinations.The airline has invested in building and maintaining its own privately-operated airports at Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat; providing Thailand with additional hubs and fulfilling the increasing demand of air traffic volume. 9 Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows: 1. Thai Airway 2. Thai Air Asia 3. Nok Air 4. Orient Thai Airways Competitive Advant ages: Bangkok Airways has great regional service including its own privately owned airports in various domestic destinations.Comparatively, it offers cheap fares on promotions with routes to popular vacation destinations in Thailand. Some routes of these routes are exclusive to Bangkok Airways, such as Samui. Bangkok Airways is also renowned for its unique boutique style in-flight service and have been awarded â€Å"Best Regional Airline† five consecutive years. This is a good brand image for the airline. Thai Air Asia Company Limited (FD) Address: 89/170, 19th Floor Juthamard Boulevard, Vibhawadee Road, Talad Bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok, Thailand. Phone: 662 315 9800 Fax: 662 315 9801. Website: www. irasia. com. Established in 2004 Thai Air Asia is a joint venture between Malaysian LCC Air Asia and Thailand’s Asia Aviation. It is truly a Low-Cost Carrier airline with a network of domestic and regional service tthroughout Thailand and Asia. It is known to be one of the mo st aggressive airlines with its marketing strategies based on online promotions to target price conscious consumers. Air Asia places a lot of importance on branding and its association with various and popular footballs teams in both domestic and international arena has proven to be a successful campaign.Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows: 1. Thai Airways 2. Nok Air 3. Bangkok Airways 4. Orient Thai Airway Competitive Advantages: Thai Air Asia has been able to keep a low cost in its operations based on the same principles and model of the mother flagship Air Asia. The marketing strategies are targeted at mass customers with one of the lowest air fares to any of its numerous destinations within this region. The efficiency of its workforce and multi-skilled staff has been a benchmark for other airlines to follow.This ranges from aircrew and ground staff, to the maintenance, operations and administrative staff. The single type fleet to service the customer has made it easier for Air Asia to maintain its aircraft. Online promotions and website maintenance with secure and direct access are key factors in keeping customer satisfied and loyal to the airline. Orient Thai Airways (PG) Address: 18 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Phone: 66-2-229 4260 Fax: 662-229-4278-9. Website: www. flyorientthai. om. Established in 1993 Based in Bangkok, Orient Thai Airlines operates scheduled International and Domestic flights and specializes in International charter flight around the worlds. It operates domestic flights with a fleet of McDonnell Douglas and Boeing 737 aircraft type with its regular destination from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and Had Yai. Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows: 1. Thai Airways 2. Thai Air Asia 3. Nok Air 4. Bangkok Airway 5.Competitive Advantages: Orient Thai has very few competitive advantages other than the fact that it is one of the cheape st airlines to fly with and the routes that it flies to are relevant. PRODUCT OFFERING Nok Air offers air travel to various destinations around Thailand with ground support transportation â€Å"Fly-and-ride† to bordering countries as well as â€Å"Fly-and-ferry† to many seaside resorts. Most flights to major city destinations are flown by its regular Boeing 737 jets and ATR 72 turboprop aircraft.Nok-mini is a commuter airline that is a Sub-brand of Nok Air, but is owned and operated by Siam General Aviation, independent from Nok Air. It is however, a partnership and code sharing that has been beneficial to both companies where Nok-mini acts as a feeder route to beautiful small towns and low traffic routes. The land transport coach Service operated by Udon Keaw Tour (Thailand) and Trans Express Co Ltd. (Laos). Hi-speed Catamaran services are operated by Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co. , Ltd. n Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani, while Coach and Hi-Speed Ferry Service operated by Tigerline Travel Co. ,Ltd in Trang. Nok Air not only provides air transportation and commuter service, but also a travel experience. Its affiliations with various hotels, resorts, entertainment venues, and financial institutions give Nok Air its Brand Value. Memberships and Fan Clubs provide a touch-point for existing and potential customers to be in contact with promotions, offers, and activities. One of the most popular media used is its website that offers and informs all current and forthcoming campaigns.Members also receive information via mobile phone SMS and MMS messages as a more personal and direct sales push marketing strategy. What Nok Air can add to its product offering is that it can change its aircraft interior to make the seats more comfortable with new configurations for better leg space. In-flight entertainment can be introduced along with a sense of â€Å"Thailand† by using traditional aromatic scent to create a pleasant environment in the cabin. Natural aromatic freshening scent has been internationally proven to have a relaxing effect.In-flight amenities can also add intrinsic value to the product where a passenger can take along the earphone (which is rather inexpensive) that has Nok Air’s logo on it as a present for themselves or for their loved ones. Route Map Figure 6: Nok Air [pic] SWOT ANALYSIS – NOK AIR A SWOT analysis—is a review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats–is a core requirement of any organization and essential to understand any industry. The volatile airline industry is no exception especially in the highly competitive Low-cost carriers (LCC) industry.The objective of each airline is to maximize their strengths and opportunities while minimizing their weaknesses despite ssimilarities of the business. Strengths – Internal origin helping to achieve organizational objectives 1. Higher number of distribution channels 2. Sthrong backup on financial, capital, and human resources 3. High level of employee quality available to the organization 4. Increasing geographical coverage in both domestic and international routes 5. Improving operational capabilities (in terms of efficiency) 6. Improving service quality 7.Brand Awareness 8. Effective in-flight space management Weakness – Internal origin harmful to achieve organizational objectives 1. Price on product offering 2. Bad cash flow problem arising from cost management 3. Poor financial performance / profitability 4. Low customer loyalty 5. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – ssimilar for all LCC airlines 6. High degree of competition 7. High cost of capital 8. Low experience of management team – company is 8 years old 9. Low level of advertising Opportunities – External origin helping to achieve organizational objectives 1.Growth rate increasing by traveler with high number of booking rate 2. Government support open sky ppolicy 3. Higher Demand 4. Convenience a nd faster 5. Joint promotion 6. Government supports on TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Threats – External origin harmful to achieve organizational objectives 1. Other governments support low cost airline in the country 2. Large number of competitors in the Market 3. Price war with promotion war 4. Long time booking (behavior change) – Pre-booked tickets on pricing tiers 5. Payment Ppolicy 6. Confirmation Process 7. Fuel cost increasing . Time to time increase in airline taxes 9. New domestic hub with less convenient flight connections (International and Domestic) MARKETING STRATEGY Mission To be the number one low-fare, high-value budget airline in both Thailand and Asia by being perceived by all who travel in Southeast Asia as affordable, yet offering with the best of Thai hospitality. To provide travelers with a point-to-point regional air service that is safe, reliable, convenient and true value-for-money through cost-effective operations with highest possible r eturns to shareholders.Develop and motivate our people to have initiative and be highly productive. Marketing Objectives Seeing potential in the international market, Nok Air’s marketing objectives for first quarter of 2013 is based on a business plan to launch flights from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport to China, as well as several other routes that are within three to four hour range from Bangkok. Having a significantly lower cost structure than competing airlines, Nok Air has aimed to compete more effectively against Thai Air Asia and other LCCs.Being Thai Airway’s domestic LCC subsidiary, Nok Air has been able to fill the critical void in the Thai Airway’s portfolio for the fast growing budget end of Thailand’s international market. This move will enable Nok Air to capture a sizable market share within the region, especially with the high demand for travel from China. Route extensions along with increase flight frequencies will enable the company to grow in the market as well as create a level of brand awareness in both the domestic and international market. In anticipation of this growth, Nok Air has procured new aircraft to its already existing fleet.Hiring only â€Å"beautiful girls with nice personalities† in their early 20s, budget airline Nok Air seeks to â€Å"rejuvenate brand image† & â€Å"improve service efficiency. † With the current cabin crew age averaging only 26 years old, Nok Air is keeping with other airlines trend of recruiting fresh, young and good-looking faces to do the job. The objective is to cash in on the energy, enthusiasm and deducation that are normally associated with youth in order to drive service efficiency and project a better impression on passenger (Bangkok Post 8/9/2011).The impression is a dynamic lifestyle image that meets passenger’s expectations of being served by fresh, friendly, efficient staff. Financial Objectives Since its launch with an initial capital of THB5 00 million, Nok Air has not required any additional capital since its launch in 2004. Currently, it has approximately THB1. 5 billion in the bank. The airline has been profitable every year except for 2007 and 2008 massive fuel price hikes and falling domestic demand. However, the following year, it bounced back into surplus as conditions improved.In 2010, it turned a net profit of more than THB600 million and over the first three quarters of 2011 a profit of THB230 million despite continuing tribulations in the oil markets. The devastating floods that closed its home base at Don Mueang Airport in the last quarter of 2011 did have an impact on Nok Air, but it managed to reach a profit of THB400 million and projected revenue of THB6 billion, carrying about 4 million passengers by the year’s end. Target Market There are various variables that a market research can assist in defining the right market segment or more likely a possible target customer of Nok Air.A classification s ystem of Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, and Bbehavioral will enable the airline to narrow the scope and focus its resources to its target market satisfying their needs. DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Demographic defines the population into groups with common variables, and targeting each of these groups to enhance the airline’s performance. This can be further divided into: Gender- Nok Air has focused its marketing to both genders since it is difficult to segregate which one gender represent a larger share of the company’s target market and hence both should be considered equally.Income Level- In developing pricing strategies for fares, Nok Air has to keep to its strategy of being a LCC (Low-cost carrier). This would serve best for those in the SES of C1, C2 and D classification of Social class. A strategic move to improve and provide convenient flight timing and routes to SES B could result in an increase of market share from FSC in terms of value-for-money. The cl assifications are based on the occupation of the head of the household. Grade |Social Class |Chief Income Earner's Occupation | |A |Upper Middle |Higher Managerial, Administrative Or Professional | |B |Middle |Intermediate Managerial, Administrative Or Professional | |C1 |Lower Middle |Supervisory Or Clerical And Junior Managerial, Administrative Or Professional | |C2 |Skilled Working |Skilled Manual Workers | |D |Working |Semi And Unskilled Manual Workers | |E |Those At The Lowest Levels Of |Casual Or Lowest Grade Workers, Pensioners And Others Who Depend On The Welfare | | |Subsistence |State For Their Income | Age- Based on the terms and conditions indicated for the purchase of an air ticket, the permissible age for passengers travelling chaperoned on a domestic flight on Nok air must be 16 years of age. It can be assumed that the age range of 15-55 would be best target market to focus the airline’s promotional campaign on. Occupation- Nok Air’s passengers would gen erally be individuals who are professionals, government officials, businessmen, sstudents, and employees of a firm. However, the purpose of travel does not have a direct relationship with the occupation of these passengers.They may be travelling on a vacation, visiting relatives, making a pilgrimage, and other personal reasons rather than on a business or government reasons. Flight schedules and destinations would be the reason these passengers would seek importance in selecting the airline that they travel on. With Nok Air frequency and multi-destinations available, passengers have the options to select the Marital Status- The concept that Nok Air can market in this category is of the Honeymooning couples, or just married as well as for those who are married and do wish to enjoy a romantic getaway. As for those who are single, Nok Air can focus on adventure or functional aspects. The strategies would be to seek a market in eco-tourism, and sight-seeing.However, whether single or ma rried, the objective is to create a positive perception of Nok Air for all segments as this factor is linked to the psychological aspects and income status of an individual. GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Viewing from its extensive network of 20 destinations available on Nok Air’s routes, it has access to a population where other airlines in the same category do not. Availability and frequency to destinations allows Nok Air to hold a competitive advantage over other airlines. Since Nok Air is involved in the business of transporting passengers from one geographical location to another, this segmentation plays a vital role in its marketing strategies. Passenger’s dependency and demand for Nok Air’s service is critical to its development. Its success in strategically locating its hubs t various domestic destinations in Thailand has motivated Nok Air to expand to other areas in Asia. PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Targeting a certain group within a population base on their li festyle, activities and interest is the focus of this segment. The importance is in understanding consumer buying behavior by referring to their AIO (Activities, interest, and opinion). Nok Air’s website is one of the medium use in gathering views and information to analyze consumer behaviors of its consumers. Some factors that help define the population on psychographic segmentation where Nok Air has emphasized their resources on are: Lifestyle –  The â€Å"Check-in of Your Choice† program allows passengers a check in process that best fits their lifestyle.The options available are: Airport Check-in: Passengers can check-in their baggage and get their boarding pass at the airport counters. Telephone Check-in: Passengers can call in on a hotline 1318 and collect their boarding pass at the counter. This allows them to arrive just 30 minutes before departure therefore suitable for those who are pressed on time. However, the drawback is that they cannot check-in their baggage. Web Check-in: A personalized method of allowing the passengers who are Nok Fan Club members to log in and select their choice of seats and options offered on the airline’s website. Boarding pass can be collected at the airline’s counter in the airportMobile Check-in: Ssimilar to the online format where the passenger can use an application on their mobile phone to select a preferred seat and check-in. Boarding pass can be collected at the airport. Check and Shop: Is a unique format only available at Chiang Mai. The process allows you to collect your boarding pass at Chiang Mai Central Airport Plaza, 1 hour (2 hours maximum) prior to the departure. Nok Air will provide transfer service between Chiang Mai Central Airport Plaza and Chiang Mai International Airport 30 minutes prior to the departure for boarding. Activities interests and opinions (AIO) –  A subset of lifestyle, activities interests and opinions also affect consumer buying behavior.Nok Air Fan Club Privilege is a holistic approach to understand the consumer’s AIO by offering a link to Nok Community through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on mobile link via Apple Apps and Android. Here loyal customers can be involved in the activities and share common interest and opinions in the community. Values attitudes and lifestyle –  Another concept which is a subset of the lifestyle segment is values attitudes and lifestyles classifying individual into the VALS framework. Nok Air can understand individual passenger profile by determining what these individuals do with the resources they had at their disposal as well as the amount of primary innovation they could accept or create.Information collected by research on passengers can help the airline design and implement new strategies in the future. BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION Bbehavioral segmentation divides a population based on their behavior, the way the population respond to, use or know of a product. Consumers’ decision making are base on factors they take into consideration before purchasing a ticket, thus these decisions are affected by their behaviors. The reasons for purchasing a ticket can be buying for occasions such as travelling during Songkran, and New Year’s holidays. Another reason can be for benefit sought such as travelling for the purpose of commuting from one location to another.The selection may be based on the marketing mix being offered or a hedonic one. Loyalty to the Nok Air brand is based on the airline’s special service to the customers who frequently travel on the airline is a way to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers by word of mouth from existing and loyal customers. Usage rate is also another reason of purchase intention. For those individuals who are required to travel frequently on company’s business or government official business will need a reliable airline that can accom modate to their needs and offer a fare that will save them cost and time. This is more in line with wholesale purchasing and diverging efforts to meet customer’s demand.In line with this, Nok Air offers a Corporate customer service whereby the benefits includes fixed fares, change fee waived for change in name or date, no service fees, payment after booking is made, and a dedicated corporate hotline. The objective is to gain a larger market share from a targeted market that comprises of both normal LCC travelers, whether from existing users of the airlines or from competitive airlines, and potential from alternative transportation modes such as trains, buses, and vans that are common mearns form commuting to other parts of Thailand. Sales and marketing strategies especially relating to price offers are key factors in capturing additional passengers. POSITIONINGIn the term positioning for Nok Air, it refers to the customer’s perception of a service in relation to its co mpetitors in the domestic airline market. Current market position of Nok Air is that it is a no frills airline providing air transportation of passenger to various destinations within Thailand. In this respect the terms of â€Å"No-frills† is largely interpreted as an airline offers low fares but eliminate all non – essential services, such as complimentary drinks snacks, in – flight entertainment systems, and different class of seating. They operate by using limited or ssimilar types of aircrafts to keep maintenance low and fly out of remote airports to cut overheads.The interior of these aircrafts are fitted with minimum comfort and generally carry advertising inside the cabin to generate revenues. Additional fees are imposed for luggage and other amenities. In order to understand passenger’s perception of Nok Air in relation to its competitors, a perceptual mapping of perceive value analysis between service quality and price relationship is modeled. Th ere are three major competitors of Nok Air, namely Thai Airways, Thai Air Asia, and Orient Thai Airways. Thai Airways – Service quality is superior to that of Nok Air because of its status of being a national carrier of Thailand and is actually a FSC (Full service carrier) airline. However, they are non-competitive in terms of pricing.Thai Air Asia – There are some distinctive advantage in service offered to passengers by Thai Air Asia in terms of optimizing call centers, touch points, and efficient online websites. The influence from the Air Asia core brand adds on to value in terms of human resource management and operational management. However, the pricing strategies are unpredictable and ambiguous at times. Orient Thai – The airline’s safety and service records are inferior among all. Despite their efforts to improve their image, the airline struggles to maintain its operations and have access to limited routes. However, their commitment to improveme nt has been a key factor sustaining its presence in the market coupled with one of the lowest airfares on domestic routes offered to major destinations.Nok Air’s direct competitors are faced with the same elements in keeping cost low and generate enough profit by management and planning strategies. By analyzing its value chain, Nok Air can increase its margins on fares by managing its primary and support activities. [pic] Support Activities †¢ Firm Infrastructure: Focus on improving Accounting, Finance, Legal, and General Management within the firm. †¢ Human Resource Management: Recruitment, Pilot Training, and Cabin Crew Training. †¢ Technology Improvement: E-commerce ticketing sites having more international languages, In-flight system operating service with infomercials and music. An improvement at the airport ground base with touch points flight scheduling system to inform passengers of the flights departures and arrival. Procurement of Resources: Aircraft acquisition that would best serve the client’s needs while maintaining operational cost. Primary Activities Inbound logistics: This involves aircraft scheduling to depart and arrive at prime time where passengers can conveniently optimize their stay at a destination. Seats on any particular flight are perishable resource. Yield management allows the airline to sell its seats on flight to consumers optimizing it to a full load capacity on all flights. Route selection is another factor that will allow Nok Air to capitalize on a â€Å"first mover advantage† and become the market leader in that geographical area. Operations – The ground staff at various hubs are vital to Nok Air’s operations.Aircraft operations, ticketing, gate operations, and baggage handling efficiencies can give the airline a competitive advantage in turning the aircraft around on its next scheduled flight. One aspect observed is the disembarkation of passengers, most of who are generally in a hurry to get off the flight once the plane stops. Managing the plane’s exit doors to disembark passengers are some ways to gain valuable customer satisfaction. While onboard, the flight attendant’s positive attitude and behavior can add value to the brand as they are brand ambassadors of the airline. Outbound Logistics: Flight connection to destination via its network of alliances such as Nok Mini and other modes of transport such as land and sea, can add and impression in service value.Also an effective baggage system of loading and off-loading displays effectiveness in operations of the airline. Marketing and Sales: Promotion and advertising are key factors in push strategies to motivate prospects to the airline. Nok Air’s campaigns involve mobile marketing, online marketing, billboards, print media advertising as well as Television Advertising. These multi-channels of media usage allow Nok Air to reach a large number of audiences in order to capture atte ntion to its promotions on offer and leave an impression that salience to the mind. Service: Extended service beyond arrival at the airport hub of Nok Air such as affiliations with car rentals and hotel accommodations.The airline can work in conjunction with these firms on barter case basis, whereby car rental rates and hotel room rates discounts offered for passengers can be offset by airfares discounts for executives and staff of these affiliated firms. Credits can be accumulated on â€Å"points† system and exchange for transactions such as transportation and stay-over for air crew and airline staff. A perceptual mapping illustrates the position of Nok Air in comparison to its competitors. [pic] MARKETING MIX PRODUCT / SERVICE – Nok Air provides air transportation services to 20 domestic destinations in Thailand. The main airport hub is at Don Mueang Bangkok Airport. Its destinations are: Bangkok (Don Mueang) – Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai, Loei *, Mae Sot *,Nakhon Phanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Nan *, Phitsanulok, Phrae *, Phuket, Roi Et *, Sakon Nakhon, Surat Thani, Trang, Ubon Ratchathani, and Udon Thani Chiang Mai – Phitsanulok, Mae Hong Son, Udon Thani**, and Mae Sot* * Operated with aircraft chartered from Siam General Aviation (Nok Mini) ** Code shared flights operated by Siam General Aviation (Nok Mini) Tangible Clues – since service is intangible and difficult to sell, marketers can at best convey reassurance and quality to its customers. For Nok Air, transportation is its core product. The service it provides that serves as tangible clues are the airline’s physical facilities and the demeanor of its staff.To distinguish itself from its competitors, the airline can provided several tangible clues such as food/beverage, magazines, staff uniforms, logos, color and design of the aircraft, and flight bookings. Service – there are two types of services involved in Nok Air’s operations being ground services and in-flight services. Convenient airport with car parking facilities, transport to the airport, efficient baggage checking, and efficient service at reservation counters are some of the factors that defines on-the-ground services. These attributes are primary touch points where passenger’s initial perception of the airlines are conceived and relates back to the brand equity of Nok Air. Once inside the aircraft, the airhostesses are the brand ambassadors of the airline.Nok Air’s well trained flight attendants have the responsibility of providing polite, warm and courteous service to its passengers. This momentum is transitioned to the representatives at the baggage counter, and Nok Air’s passenger assistance counters as an augmented product/service to develop customer loyalty towards the brand. PRICING – Based on the SES of the passengers, pricing plays a vital role of Nok Air’s marketing strategy, since the airline bases its image by cla ssification of being a â€Å"Low-cost carrier† and is judged whether the product/service offered is fairly priced. Thai Airways band image alone is sufficient to justify its premium pricing base on seating â€Å"class† on the air fares.Whereas, other airlines like Thai Air Asia, Orient Thai, and Nok Air all identify themselves as Cheap-value pricing or even Low-cost pricing, but rather project themselves as Value-for-money pricing airlines. The intention of value for money pricing is to charge an average price for the fare and emphasize excellent value for money on the fare. This establishes a reputation and enables the airline to achieve good levels of profit margin. However, during a certain period, the intrinsic concept is to undercut the competition and prices are used as a tool to attract passengers to purchase based on seasons. The current world economic crisis and the recent flooding in 2011 have had an impact on the local economy.All airlines are competing to s et prices at competitively low levels to attract customers. Nok Air’s strategies are in line with the basic pricing models of LCC. These cost cutting measures comprises of: High aircraft utilization – Keep aircraft flying commercially as much as possible and at the fastest turnaround time as possible. Airline makes money when its aircraft is flying and not parked on the ground. No frills – Any and all luxury items and services are considered frills and that the airlines by rendering a fee to the airline, the passenger will only then have access to these items. They range from food and beverage, seating, paperless ticketing, non-refundable ppolicy, and no loyalty program.Streamline operations – includes limited types of aircraft used so that there is specialization in the pilot, crew, and ground operations. Single class seating on all flights and Standard operating procedures are ensured to create homogeneity of service. Most of the prices offered by Nok A ir are based on the pricing tiers structure. This structure is a time value relationship for seats. The first few tiers are target to value conscious passengers looking for extremely cheap tickets by booking early. The mid-tier passengers are those who book moderately early but pay a higher price and the top tiers are the passengers who pay the most because they purchase the ticket at the last minute.PLACE – There are four method of distributing airline tickets: Consolidation – sales of ticket at airline counters Tour Operators/Travel Agents – customers approach their travel agents to book tickets for them. The tour operators take a commission from the airline. Affiliated with companies – Airlines gets affiliated with companies on corporate fares and provides a discount on the bulk buying Direct Sales – through home lease systems which are telephone, fax, emails and online booking. LCC Airlines keep their distribution system simple as possible and this is possible with the use of internet technology which can be remotely operated even at the most deprived of locations.PROMOTIONAL MIX – Since consumers have become aware of the competition among LCCs, they anticipate and appreciate the vvariety of marketing efforts that are in place to entice them to use the specific airline’s service. In the times of credit crunches, the airlines seek ways to be most efficient in saving cost while eliciting the most from the IMC programs they have to optimize outcomes. There are numerous ways that Nok Air can reach these consumers, and some of the most common ways are: Advertising – Creative advertising campaigns are the most common way to get the message and promotions out to a large audience. Telecast and print media are important channels for promoting the air business.Since advertising is expensive, the marketer needs to be mindful of the timing and opportunities when it arrives. Adverting during peak seasons can attra ct potential client to switch to Nok Air, and the airline have to select appropriate theme for the advertisement; for example beach getaway destinations for the summer season. Publicity – This process of persuasive communication where the public relations officer provide the media people with information of the airline’s promotion and set up a press conference, dinners, meetings, and get together, to gain wide spread telecasting through news and promotional channels. The objective is to get favorable news of the airline.Sales promotion – By proving additional incentives to travel agents and tour operators who are the front line of Nok Air’s sales promotional effort, the airline’s campaigns are focused and on target with the right segment. This direct communication allows the consumer to interact with the premoters and get valuable information about the offers to these individuals to persuade in decision making process. The air ticketing counter is another channel where the airline’s own personal can motivate the consumer to pick up on the offer before purchase. The value added promotion can be in the form of alliance with Nok Mini, Hotels, Banks, Credit Card Firms, and Car Rentals. Word of Mouth – Satisfied customers are the best premoters of the brand. They act as opinion leaders and inform the merits of the airlines to their peers and associates.Nok Air’s best and most reliable promotional strategy would be to keep customers loyal to the airline and should design ways to reward them for their referrals. PEOPLE – In this industry, the airline staff comes in contact with the customers in the course of production and consumption of service. The duties of the Human Resource department of Nok Air to select, provide training, and motivate its employees since these employees are ambassadors of the airline. Their initiative, competence, responsiveness, problem solving ability, caring attitude, and goodwi ll are the impressions that create customer satisfaction to the airline. The air stewards are the people who are in contact with the customers.Their physical presence reflects the airline image to the customers although it varies in degrees and the nature of service. The passengers expect a pleasant and polite service from these individuals who are in high contact with them and therefore their appearance plays a tangible dimension of quality. The air-crew such as the pilots possesses technical attributes in operating the aircraft and safe journey. Another ancillary service are the travel agents, tour operators, and sales counter personnel who help create the service of exchange but not in direct part of the service. There are without a doubt other employees and staff of the airline that makes the operation and management efficient and effective. It is essential to have the right people on the right job.Inspiration and motivation for these employees are critical for the organization to operate in this highly competitive environment and they their loyalty to Nok Air is an asset to the airline. PROCESS – Is the flow of service from the decision makers to the ultimate buyers. This is the involvement of channels, front line staff, travel agency offices, and tour operators. The process begins from the reservation of seats by mearns available to consumers such as telephone, internet, or personal booking till the minute they depart the airport. In some instance, the post-purchase service is involved. The process starts with information in the reservation system and managed via a large network of computers that allows the reservation to be instantaneously monitored and confirmed as required in the system.The terms of the booking is also indicated so that the passengers are aware of the limitations and conditions of the ticket as well as options and benefits iincluded in the purchase such as exemptions of cancellation fee and changes in seat reserved. Facilities at the airport such as check-in counters, flight information, and baggage handling helps to contribute perceived value in quality serviced that transfers to customer satisfaction. While in the aircraft, satisfying meals and entertainment along with amenities distributed are part of the total process in delivering quality service and increasing brand equity. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE – Is the point where service is delivered and interactions occur.The aircraft itself as well as the in-flight food are physical evidence of the airline service. This is experienced in the ways the airline configures the seats so that passengers can experience a comfortable flight although the category of the airline is that of LCC. While on the ground, booking office, ticketing counters and even the aircraft when parked, can create a good impression as a physical evidence of Nok Air. The overall designing of the booking office, the check-in counter, the domestic lounge, and the aircraft exterior appearanc e is used to trigger the customer’s experience of Nok Air. If the experience is a favorable one, the brand benefits by association to these physical environment.Don Mueang Airport is the base airport of Nok Air despite the fact that its Bangkok’s secondary airport. However, Don Mueang airport is cheaper than the main airport at Suwarnabhumi and are generally less congested therefore making the turnaround time lots shorter. Flight transfer service is not offered at Don Mueang and Nok Air can only offer advice to passengers seeking to board a connecting flight to board a shuttle bus, catch a taxi, or have someone pick them and drop off at Suwarnabhumi International Airport. Nok Air also has acquired an area in Don Mueang Airport for a playground for â€Å"Kids† as a place to entertain them before boarding the aircraft.

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Learning English Opinion Essary

———-Task———- The following statement was recently printed in a local newspaper: â€Å"English is the only foreign language worth learning. † Your teacher has now asked you to write a composition giving your opinion on this subject. ———-Compositions———- Nowadays there is an opinion that English is the most popular language and it is the only foreign language worth learning and I want to express the reasons for it.To begin with, English is an international language, which is known almost in every country, consequently it is used in different international negotiations, competitions, events as well as in airports and businesses. Furthermore, if you have a desire to be a successful and educated person it is better to learn English, due to the fact that when you are on a work, there are many international partners with whom you have to communicate and solve different problems. In addition to this, i f you know this language, you obviously have a perfect opportunity to occupy a position in a foreign company.Alternatively, it goes without saying that there are other languages worth learning. I believe that the importance of language depends on the economic development of the country, therefore nowadays the popularity of some other languages has grown, for instance Chinese. However, English continues being the most demanded. All things considered, if you know English you can not only easily cope with any difficulties in getting a job as you have an advantage over your counterparts, but also travel abroad everywhere you like.

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The Use of Magic in Medieval Literature Essay - 2847 Words

The Use of Magic in Medieval Literature The concept of magic and magical creatures has been around for a long time, however, in the time period ranging from Beowulf to Malorys Arthur, there has been an evolution in attitudes and the consequent treatment of magic in medieval literature. The discussion of magic involves not only the disparity between Christian and pagan tradition but also of gender roles, most notably in the Arthurian mythos. Beowulf, Marie De Frances Bisclavret and Lanval, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Sit Thomas Malorys Le Morte DArthur involve the concept of magic and magical creatures and consequently, illustrate the treatment of magic of their time. In Beowulf, the idea of magic is one that is feared†¦show more content†¦In a sense, in order to defeat Grendel, Beowulf must revert to his original, untainted and supernatural self. He casts away the trappings of ordinary man and when he faces Grendel, it is magic versus magic. This concept is repeated when Beowulf faces Grendels mother. He can only defeat her with the help of a magical sword. This suggests the idea that magic is powerful and far greater than ordinary man. Despite this however, the poem makes it fairly clear Beowulf is still considered man, and a stellar one at that. He is the prince of goodness and the men who of all men was foremost and strongest in the days of this life(46, 48). Any magical or supernatural abilities that Beowulf may have are irrelevant - Beowulf is human, Grendel, his mother and the dragon are not. Unlike Arthur, who has the help of Merlin, Beowulf is a more primitive, man, character - he has to rely mostly on his own strength and wit to defeat the magical creatures. Beowulf pits man against magic more than in later medieval writings. The poem is an odd mix of pagan and christian tradition; the religion of Hrothgar and Beowulf is a monotheistic one, although the Danes pray at heathen shrines out of desperation. Beowulf invokes the blessing of the Lord, but follows the old Germanic codes of revenge. Despite these inconsistencies, the poem considers the magical beings heathens and demons. The concept of magic being a pagan tradition(and it is) is oneShow MoreRelatedSir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay1541 Words   |  7 PagesLiterature during the medieval period is where magic and the supernatural are constantly present: in otherworldly encounters such as when the knight Lanval meets the lady who becomes his love, in the strange adventures experienced by knights on quests as Sir Gawain does, and in mystical objects such as the green girdle given to Sir Gawain by Lady Bertilak. Without the magic and otherworldly circumstances that exist in these stories, none of them would have been interesting and they probably wouldn’tRead MoreThe Appeal Of Fantasy Genre1046 Words   |  5 Pagesdisplays this with the typical fantasy setting aspects as well as the incorporation of mythical creatures and magic. The fantasy genre has general guidelines when it comes to creating a story for it to be qualified as fantasy. In the fantasy genre, the stories created often have their own world, sometimes parallel to our own. Often seen in the fantasy genre as well is the incorporation of medieval components to the story. Fantasy worlds are sometimes connected to Earth or the non-fictional world throughRead MoreSir Gawain and The Green Knight Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pagesfocuses on the destruction of Troy, the establishment of ancient city states and realms (Rome, Tuscany, Lombardy, and Britain), and the rise of King Arthur† (Blanch 1). The characters throughout the story are described with such detail and the author uses magnificent language to describe the different obstacles in which Gawain must overcome throughout the story. The round, protagonist of the story is Sir Gawain himself, who describes himself as the least of Arthur’s knights. â€Å"The other protagonist,Read MoreMagic Of Children s Literature Essay1225 Words   |  5 PagesMagic in children’s literature They creativity of authors and illustrator gives books a magical and meaningful touch for children literature. As illustrators are choosing the characters for the stories they are very careful, they take in consideration the age of children. Books for young readers may have a magical touch in their characters, illustrations, and in their setting. The magic catches the children’s attention, making the book more interesting for them to read and learn from them. MagicRead Morecharacteristics of folk literature811 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Characteristics of Folk Literature Setting Character Plot Theme Style Folktales employ certain characteristics or conventions common to virtually all tales. The most familiar involve the setting, character, plot, theme and conflict, and style. A. Setting Most folktale settings remove the tale from the real world, taking us to a time and place where animals talk, witches and wizards roam, and magic spells are commonplace. The settings are usually unimportant andRead MoreComplex Characters In The Arthurian Legend : Merlin And Taliesin767 Words   |  4 PagesMerlin and Taliesin In Arthurian legend, there are many tales of magic and adventure. One of the best aspects of the stories are the whimsical and complex characters. Often, characters’ and their identities change from version to version, creating confusion about their origin and roles in stories. Merlin, the wondrous and wise magician, and Taliesin, the inspirational historian and all-knowing bard, are some of the most versatile individuals in the stories. The mysteries of Merlin, TaliesinRead MoreKing Arthur Analysis1337 Words   |  6 PagesMandira Panta Arthurian Literature Prof. Beth Martin Birky Fim Analysis: King Arthur December 7, 2017 King Arthur: Historically Inaccurate but Intriguing The film King Arthur (2004), as it proclaims is the â€Å"untold true story that inspired the legend†. With Clive Owen and Keira Knightley as the main characters, the trailer looked very promising. Yet, the movie was a great disappointment to many of the Arthurian legends enthusiasts. Jonathan Rosenbaum, an American film critic said â€Å"If this is historyRead MoreEssay on Motivations for Faustuss Rebellion1485 Words   |  6 PagesGerman scholar/ magician called Johann Faust or Faustus has been re-told many times over, no version has become more prominent and controversial in English literature and history than that of Christopher Marlowes play first published eleven years after his death in 1604. Marlowes reworking is possibly the first dramatization of the medieval myth of a man who sold his soul to the Devil, and who became identified with a necromancer of the sixteenth century. Written in a time of religious uncertaintyRead MoreThe Influence of the Supernatural on Co urtly Conduct, Christianity, and Chivalry in Lanval and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight2424 Words   |  10 PagesConduct, Christianity, and Chivalry in Lanval and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight In the world of medieval literature the supernatural is a consistent theme, presented in extraordinary encounters, mysterious experiences and with magical objects such as potions, spells, and the prominent image of the green girdle of Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert’s wife in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Magic and the supernatural is seen as the driving force behind several narratives and acts as a method by whichRead MoreCharacteristics Of Medieval Romances2016 Words   |  9 PagesWhen someone thinks of a medieval romance, that person will more than likely think of these common characteristics: knights, quests, a lady, magic, romance, Christianity, and of course King Arthur. There is actually much more to these stories than just â€Å"A knight goes on a quest. He meets a lady. And they all live happily ever after.† A reader needs to know what features to look out for in order to know for sure what kind of story he is reading. A Handbook to Literature by William Harmon and C. Hugh